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The Power Within

The Power Within will show you exactly what you need to do to train your personality for success. Its methods are direct and practical. They follow everyday experience and involve simply yourself, your powers and your environment.

Success-Magnetism is not an accomplishment. It is a practical power. When you develop it and use it correctly, you will be able to control your mind to experience results in the material world.

The Power Within makes the principles of Success Magnetism accessible and understandable. It reveals that everyone has the capacity to transform themselves into a dynamic force that can influence and motivate behavior in other people and completely transform any current life condition.

This information was recovered from an ancient manuscript written over a hundred years ago. It has traveled through time to find you. It can transform your life, but only if you accept it.

Unleash the Power of Success Magnetism

Magnetic Development

Magnetic development is like constructing a building. You rise from the foundation through successive stories to the culminating peak. The most pleasing, notable structures built from concrete and steel tower higher and higher, until they reach the gold-tipped crown, high in the sunlit sky.

The topmost peak of your personal structure is complete mastery of the principles of Success Magnetism. Achieve that and you will discover a kingly confidence in your ability to win a level of success achieved by few.

As you progress towards this goal, remember that discouragement will attempt to divert you. It will tell you that you’re not progressing fast enough, or that you’re not making any progress at all. Don’t listen to this. Stay on course and you will complete your mission.

Every great structure requires the process of time. The giant redwood trees of California were once tiny saplings. The slow passage of time has drawn nature into their mighty hearts. Just as surely as the absorption of natural forces built those giant redwoods, you can learn to draw upon nature for Giant Powers.

The Success Magnetism Promise

What is Magnetism?

Magnetism is a movement among the particles of your personal ether. This movement, communicated to other etheric fields, attracts their owners toward you without conscious effort on your part, or exercises over them any favorable influence that you desire.

Magnetism is induced by physical and pyschic conditions, and it is expressed by physical and psychic activities. In either case, it can be both natural and acquired. Such magnetism, in association with the Twelve Elements of Success, constitutes Success Magnetism.

Every human being possesses a capacity for magnetic development, but not everyone is equally endowed. Some individuals are greatly magnetic by nature, but everyone is capable of developing their own latent powers.

Whether natural or developed, real and permanent magnetism resides in the subconscious self and manifests in the conscious self, just as energy is created in the boiler (the steam) and manifests in the engine.

The development of magnetism has to do with unfolding your latent subconscious forces so they dominate your conscious self and magnetically handle all your personal possessions; your body, your senses, your emotions, your thoughts and your actions.

Twelve Elements of Success